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Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

All invoices can be paid with cash, or a bank transfer at the time of your clean.  Stay tuned for more payment options in the future.

Do You Charge By the Hour?

In most instances, yes.

For new cleans, we always suggest booking us for an extra hour in the beginning so that we can ascertain the amount of work to be put into your particular job.  You will only ever be charged for the time we actually spend cleaning your home or business, so if the extra hour is not needed, you won't be charged! Easy!

Do You Offer Video Consultations?

We can offer to view your property via zoom if that is easier for both parties at the time, however, we do prefer to see each property in person so we have a good grasp of exactly what is required.

How Do You Access a Property?

Generally we access a property via the owner/proprietor.  If you are able to give us access when you are not there, we of course will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of your property in your absence.  Access will be via whatever means you feel is appropriate.

How Long Does a General Clean Usually Take?

A general clean, say weekly or fortnightly, can take up to 2 hours, sometimes 3, and will depend entirely on the size of your property to be cleaned.

How Often Should I Schedule My Cleans?

We recommend a scheduled clean at least every 2 weeks.  That way, we can stay on top of tougher jobs and ensure that the build up between cleans is kept to a minimum.

What Insurances Does Done in a Dash Hold?

We hold public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Do I Need To Be At Home While You Clean?

This is purely up to you.  We can clean with you there, or clean in your absence it is your choice.

We do however, stress the importance of you being there for our first clean, or at least for a meeting to discuss your requirements and expectations.

What Areas Do You Service?

We offer our services throughout the Eastern Lake Macquarie and Newcastle council areas.  If you live outside these areas, we may be able to assist.  We suggest getting in touch to see what may be possible.

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